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Cassie was diagnosed with a very rare form of children's cancer called neuroblastoma on Christmas eve 2010.  The picture you see was taken by a terrific local artist who captured her innocence before the chemotherapy that took her hair totally devoured her eye lashes and eye brows or decimated her appetite.

She may need to go to specialists in neuroblastoma cancer, located in New York, called the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  Her family needs help getting her there and affording the time away to be with her and see her through treatment.  

        We sure hope you can help.
No 8 year old child deserves to go through what Cassie has experienced in surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  It has been grueling for her and her family, physically & emotionally. 

UPDATE: August 2012
Cassie has had a recent scan result which has found that she's winning the battle!
Although she still has a few Hot Spots, they have significantly reduced in size.
The immune-thrapy treatments seemed to have boosted her system to fight!
Thanks to the terrific folks at Emmanuel Hospital's Pediatric Oncology Unit.

She's got hair again, and now got to spend this summer playing like a normal little girl.
Her happiness is contagious and her family has felt the blessings so many have sent their way.

Neuroblastoma has an avg. 85% reoccurrence rate, so Cassie's progress is measured on a 'one day at a time' eternal vigilance.  If the cancer flares back up, off to New York City she'll go.

CureSearch Walk: Saturday Sept 22, 2012  - SE 7th & SE Sellwood Blvd - registration 9-10am
Join Cassie and all the wonderful folks supporting the fight against Childhood Cancer.
Go To:  for more information.

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Call (800) 769-9152 for details.

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